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Pathway 2 College advances student athletes by providing scholastic support and recruitment opportunities.

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Our student athletes have a competitive edge over their competition, with hands-on, real, live support from the Pathway recruitment specialists.

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Pathway 2 College executes a three tiered approach to guarantee the successful placement and advancement of our student athletes.


Our academic initiative begins with a placement evaluation of each athlete in eighth grade. Pathway 2 College works with parents and athletes to identify key academic and career goals. We stress the importance of continual self-
assessment and PSAT preparation.

We work closely with each of our student athletes to prepare them for their collegiate futures. In addition to providing a rigorous ACT/SAT schedule, we help identify colleges and universities that equally meet athletic and scholastic needs. Pathway arranges campus visits and helps applicants narrow their decision to 3 schools.

College Prep

Sports Prep

Our sports support includes the building of relationships between Pathway 2 College and high school coaches. We create comprehensive sports resumes and provide video production of performances to strengthen athlete visibility. Additionally, we research and suggest appropriate off-season camps and training programs.

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Select from one of these add-on packages to boost your profile and receive live hands-on support and promotion.

Basic Membership Self Promotion College Showcase Rising Stars Varsity

Mandatory enrollment 7th – 12th grade.


Recommended for High Schools, AAU clubs, ODP Club, Select Teams, and Homeschool Programs.


Recommended for AAU clubs, ODP Clubs, Select Teams, and Homeschool Programs


8th grade through 11th grade


12th Grade

Online mentoring and recruiting guide.
Receive exclusive costs for packages.
Online monthly mentorship session.
View athelete online profiles.
Attend monthly athlete and parent workshops.
Validation of online athletic and academic profile.
Professional photo for profile page.
5-min Self Promotional Video.
Profile viewable by college coaches.
Parents and coaches DIY Promotional Review.
Profile URL for parents or athletes.
Initial acadmenic and athletic assessment.
Custom marketing plan.
Online sports mentoring and camp advisory line.
Assistance with SAARs emailed to coaches.
Pre GPA, SAT, ACT College Qualification Review.
Video or onsite atheletic assessment evaluation.
On court athletic prospect evaluation.
Schedule of college recruitment calls, showcase game evaluation and college visits.
E-mail and phone support.
Can showcase video for two sports or highschool and AAU activities for one sport.
$1100 only charged to players entering the 7th semester of their senior year.
The Varsity Express Package is for those players in the 8th semester of their senior year, this package is slightly higher then the Varsity.

“Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

— Author Unknown

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“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

— Vince Lombardi

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

— Steve Jobs