Welcome to Pathway 2 College

Welcome To Pathway 2 College

A Partnership Providing a Pathway to Academic and Athletic Achievement.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to guiding and developing students and student-athletes along a path of preparation and goals that are most likely to result in the greatest of academic and athletic achievements



Self-Assessment-Academic and Athletic Skills

Academic Placement Evaluation—Core Subject Identification (8th Grade)

Discuss Academic and Career Goals with Parent

and Student (Freshman/Sophomore)

Discuss PSAT (Freshman/Sophomore)

College Prep

ACT/SAT Schedule (Junior/Senior)

Identify College Selection (Freshman/Sophomore)

Identify schools that satisfy academic needs  (Junior/Senior)

Arrange College Visit (Academic and   Athletic) (Junior/Senior)

Identify/Schedule Top level Camps and   NCAA/AAU Sanctioned events  (Senior)

Narrow/Apply for final 3 Colleges  (Senior)

Sports Prep

Sports Caps and Offseason training Program (Freshman/Sophomore)

Create Sports Resume  (Junior/Senior)

Connect with high school coach to validate

Record and Organize Recruiting Information (Freshman/Sophomore)

Video Production (Freshman/Sophomore)